My Paintings

Strawberries for the summer, 11" x 9"
Lacy winged, 20" x 20" x 2"
Summer Delight 24" x 18"
Golden Night 30" x 36"
Pointsettias 14"x11"
Neuschwanstein Castle 30" x 24"
 Flowers 16" x 20"
Golden gate in Spring 10"x10"
Lacy winged, 20"x20"
Butterfly, 20" x 16"
GG bridge, 10"x10"
Maipday Palace 30" x 24"
Cherry blossom 12" x 12"
Farmland in Colorado 30" x 24"

Shubha has always been interested in arts and crafts from her childhood days. She started painting with watercolor back when she lived in India. After moving to the Bay Area she has started with Acrylic paints. Shubha loves traveling and capturing all the colorful moments in her photographs. Most of her paintings are inspired by the photos she has taken during her travels. Creating artwork over the weekends brings her a lot of positive energy to cope up with her busy schedule in her Tech career. Shubha is now the President of the Fine Arts League of Cupertino, a community organization to encourage art in the City.  



Get in touch here, if you wish to make these paintings a part of your home décor!
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